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What Are Implants Pro Arch
Why Implants Pro Arch
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What is Pro Arch Treatment for Tooth Replacement?

Pro Arch is scientifically proven and well-established as an implant technique. Four strategically placed Straumann dental implants are used to permanently replace all of your upper and/or lower teeth.

The dental implants securely replace a full arch of new teeth that return you to your desired appearance and chewing function. One appointment is often all that’s required for your Pro Arch procedure following your initial consultation, treatment planning, and a discussion of your desired results.

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What Benefits Will You Receive from Your Pro Arch Treatment?

A variety of oral health and general medical problems can be caused by missing teeth. Your risk of gum and bone loss plus having your smile and tooth function compromised increases the longer you delay tooth replacement.

Your Pro Arch procedure can most often be completed in one day. You will leave our office with a healthy, renewed smile, and the ability to eat the foods that you choose following your initial examination, discussion of your esthetic goals, and the placement of your Straumann dental implants.

What Advantage Does Pro Arch Treatment Provide?

Tooth loss affects your overall health, your comfort and appearance, and your ability to enjoy your food choices. Dental implants provide the necessary stability for your Pro Arch treatment to permanently secure your attractive and functional new teeth.

The complexity and outcome of your treatment relies on the strategic placement of your dental implants. Your Pro Arch procedure can be completed in less time and at less cost than other standard implant procedures.

Pro Arch Facts

Your new teeth are held in place by the implants used. The procedure also maintains your bone and gum tissue and protects it from the ongoing erosion that’s common with dentures.

Expect your Pro Arch procedure to be completed most often in one day.

Because your new teeth are permanently secured to dental implants they will not fall out, slip, or move in your mouth. You can securely smile, laugh, eat, and enjoy your life as result of your Pro Arch treatment.